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Frequent questions

Is my data private?

Absolutely. All your data is encrypted and there aren't any advertisers or partners to track you. Read more on our privacy page

How much do the apps cost?

You can buy each app individually or buy the bundle at a discounted price. Prices vary based on your region, so it's best to check on the App Store.

What platforms are these apps available on?

iOS, iPadOS and macOS. There are no plans for Android at this time.

What is the difference between Evo and the other apps?

Evo is an all in one productivity app that includes the core features from all the other apps. However the other apps, being specialised, have several features that you will not find in Evo. Solid Calendar has many more layouts, such as Day, Week, Month, Timeline, Minimal and Reminders, Ultra Focus has several social features like a global or national rank, the ability to compete with your friends, inspirational content, Lo-Fi radio in the focus timer, Formed has negative habits, the ability to make a commitment to a friend, who will be notified if you don't stick to a habit, stats about the community and tips from other users, a different set of icons, which can be used in full color or in black and white. Solid Diary has several stats and achievements related to keeping a diary, a 3 pane view and a focused view on the Mac. Finally Solid Notes has a waterfall layout and the ability to organise your notes across color coded spaces.

It wasn't possible to combine so many features into a single app with Evo, so while it does have the core functionality of all the other apps, the other apps are specialised on one thing and they do have many advantages. When deciding whether to get Evo or one of the other apps, please consider whether you'd prefer to have an all in one with a clean timeline, day based layout, or a dedicated app that does one thing really well.

Evo does not sync data with the other apps.

How does voting on new features work?

If you visit the voting board, you will see ideas submitted by others and how popular they are. Please vote on the ideas you would like to see implemented next or add your own suggestions and comments. The more details you add, the more helpful that is.

Can I get in touch about something else?

Absolutely. You can either use the contact form below, or from inside any of the apps, you can reach out via Email or iMessage.

"I love this app. The design is amazing, so simple to use and the fact that it doesn't require a subscription to use it makes it the best habit tracker out there."

"Really well done app, it's rich in features but keeps a slick design, and the developer is very responsive. Keep up the great work!"

"What an amazing bundle of apps. I never get an app with any subscriptions so to find these apps for a one off payment is brilliant. Fantastic work so far."

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