Privacy policy

Analytics & crash reports

The apps collect anonymous information about crashes that may occur and analytics data that helps us fix bugs and improve the experience. Neither crash reports nor analytics include any kind of personal information and are 100% anonymous.

Identifiable information

Your email address is required to create a Solid Apps account, which you will use across all apps. You have the option to 'Continue with Apple' and hide your email address. Your name is also required by the social features in certain apps (i.e. to display your name to your friends), however this is encrypted and only readable to you and the friends you grant access to.

Data ownership and access

You own your data and Solid Apps does not share it with any 3rd party. Your data is encrypted and you are the only person who can access it.

Data deletion and retention

If you opt to delete your Solid Apps account, all data you have across all our apps will be deleted right away. Backups of the database may retain a copy of your data for up to 60 days however. Solid Apps SRL is a Romanian registered company.